What's Next

1 - Medical Drugs and Device Modernization

How can the time and cost currently involved with medical product discovery and development better align with public policies to support medical innovation?

2 - Infrastructure

There is a substantial amount of capital that is looking for a place to be invested, why isn’t this money going to infrastructure and how can public-private partnerships be part of the solution?

3 - Tax Reform

Both houses of Congress are taking initial steps to tackle tax reform. The viability of tax reform in 2015 will require an early commitment from both the president and congressional leaders to work together toward a deal. Can common ground be found on important tax issues to jumpstart the discussions necessary to achieve real tax reform?

4 - Energy Trade and Exports

The United States is experiencing an era of energy abundance, so how do we manage this from an environmental, national security, and economic perspective? How do geopolitics and exports play a role in domestic energy policy?

5 - Global Health

Can investments in programs such as PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) be utilized as cost-effective diplomacy tools that improve U.S. national security?

6 - Improving the Delivery of Long-Term Services and Supports

How do we slow the rate of growth in health care costs for the delivery of long-term services and supports, while still improving the quality of health care provided?

7 - Retirement Savings

Given the complexity of retirement income sources and the increasing reliance on a Social Security system, how can individuals and families in middle- and lower-income brackets plan for and achieve adequate savings to maintain their standards of living in retirement and to address other needs they may face as they age, such as disability or long-term care?

8 - Education

Given the high costs and importance of education from early childhood to post-secondary years, how can public and private efforts provide more options and more opportunities for families and individuals across the economic spectrum?