Remembering Howard Baker

This year, BPC mourned the loss of one of its co-founders: former Senate Majority Leader Howard H. Baker, Jr. Throughout Senator Baker’s career, he was known as a staunch supporter of bipartisanship.

Tom Daschle
BPC Co-Founder

“Howard Baker’s distinguished career, as senator and statesman, is a product of his unique capacity to win the confidence and trust of even those with whom he fundamentally disagreed. It was a joy and privilege to work with Howard in establishing the Bipartisan Policy Center.”

Bob Dole
BPC Co-Founder

“Howard’s reputation as the ‘Great Conciliator’ was well earned. He was a person you could work with. In the Senate, he was able to accomplish so much because he cultivated mutual respect and cooperation with his opponents.”

George Mitchell
BPC Co-Founder

“Senator Baker’s conciliatory style as majority leader was legendary.
Howard always represented the gold standard for working with others—not against or around them. He acted on the belief that principled cooperation is the key to progress.”

Jason Grumet
BPC President

“Senator Baker was a consummate statesman. He always reminded us that to make real progress, you have to build bridges that connect the best ideas from divergent ideologies.”